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Megan Hayes -Pedersen
27 Mar 2019 - 10:09
Peder Andreas Pedersen-Can anyone help with my last message please.
Hello I’m wondering if anyone can help me with information on my great Grandfather, He immigrated to New Zealand in 1905 his name is Peder Andreas Pedersen born around 1877-1879 and possibly from Viborg area but not quite sure. He immigrated to New Zealand with Bothilda Ericksen my Great Grandmother who was pregnant when they left they married in NZ when they arrived in 1906. Can anyone help please I’m at a dead end thank you. Megan 
Britta Hansen
25 Mar 2019 - 10:26:41
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen


You should provide links to records already found for example from the Viborg area, even if this was not the right person and reveal further data on the persons (place of living, children, d.o.b etc.)

I found two candidates in the Emigrant Protocol Records leaving Denmark in 1905:

Petersen, Peder Andreas

Eriksen, Botilde

Peder Andreas Pedersen in the 1880Census Kokholm, Rødding Parish, Nørlyng, Viborg The record says that he was born in Sønder Vinge parish. 12.3.1878 - mother: Ingrid Katrine Blomkvist, father: Brænderikarl Peder Pedersen? at Ulstrup (in the parish)

A younger brother Axel Blomkvist * 5.12.1875 father Brænderikarl Peder Pedersen

Bothilde Eriksen might be this person in the 1901 Census Skals, Rinds, Viborg *22.11.1878 in Skals

Botilde Eriksen in 1880 Census

Bothilde had a son Jens Eriksen born out of wedlock April 10, 1900 Kvols Parish, Fjends, Viborg

Kind regards

Britta Hansen



Megan Hayes -Pedersen
25 Mar 2019 - 07:51:40
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Thanks so much for your information Britta, I was so sure that person is my great grandfather but apparently he left the military in 1909 and my grandfather left for New Zealand in 1905.

also on the marriage certificate I have when he married Bothilde in New Zealand says his mother is Enger marie Pedersen and his Father is Peder Larsen. Which I think Ingrid Blomqvist could be his mother but the Larsen is a mystery.

i know all the details of Bothilde as her son Jens that she left in Denmark I have contact with my relatives but we are at a loss with details of Peder Andreas as he was only in New Zealand for 6 years and he committed suicide so no one know has little details.

 Thanks for your help ??

Britta Hansen
24 Mar 2019 - 21:24:44
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Could you please provide links to the Military Levying Rolls and the marriage record.


Megan Hayes -Pedersen
25 Mar 2019 - 08:28:26
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Hello Britta, I can't send you a link for the marriage certificate because in New Zealand a marriage certificate needs to be purchased to view, I do have a copy of the marriage certificate but unfortunately I am having trouble uploading a copy to you.

The link for the military record I will send to you soon as my cousin in Viborg sends it to me, she is  the one that found Peder Andreas Pedersen on the military list. she is also at a loss if there is a connection.

I do also know that Inger Blomkvist had a daughter Ane Ottilie Pedersen born the 4/3/1884 and I can not trace her as well because if I could find any relatives living today related to her I maybe able to confirm with them if that particular Peder is my G Grandfather.

thank you again Britta for your help.

Britta Hansen
25 Mar 2019 - 11:42:22
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Census 1901 in Vammen, Nørlyng, Viborg

Military Levying Rolls - Rødding Parish 1896_135_7

- Rødding Parish 1896_135_7 (re-written in 1907)

Peder Andreas was deleted from the 1907-list in 1909. This is the normal procedure. This does not mean that he lived in DK in 1907/1909.


Megan Hayes -Pedersen
25 Mar 2019 - 13:38:44
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Thankyou so Much Britta I am 99% sure this is my great grandfather i am thinking the information on his NZ marriage certificate relating to hus father is incorrect.

Are you able to help me further with his parents Ingrid Blomqvist _Peder Pedersen and Also sister Ane Ottilie, i do know that his brother Axel died very young.

I would  be greatful if you have time

thanks so much Megan.

Britta Hansen
25 Mar 2019 - 21:51:27
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Ingrid Katrine Blomkvist - she might be Swedish. 

She came to Sønder Vinge Parish, Middelson, Viborg in 1871 from Sweden last person on the list *20/1 1851 - Hinneryd (I'll have to check the place) in Kronobergs Län

She married Anton Pedersen *5.5.1859 on April 14, 1886 in Sønder Vinge Parish

She died on April 27, 1889 in Gassum Parish, Nørhald, Randers

She was born on Nov 20, 1851 Hinneryd Parish, Kronoberg Län, Sweden to Jonas Blomqvist and Johanne Svensdotter. 

Swedish Census: Hinneryds kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder, SE/VaLA/00133/A I/12 (1856-1860)

1870: Hinneryds kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder, SE/VaLA/00133/A I/13 (1870)


Britta Hansen
25 Mar 2019 - 20:46:32
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen
Megan Hayes -Pedersen
25 Mar 2019 - 22:36:45
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Hi Britta, thank you so much for finding All that information for me its amazing and iam so greatful.

just with the last person Christian Martinus Pedersen I Can’t quite work out what it says are you able to read this for me please.

Thanks Megan

Britta Hansen
26 Mar 2019 - 07:46:15
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

The church book entry of Christian Martinus Pedersen says - (parents, witnesses, remark from the priest)

"Arbejdsmd. Anton Pe-

dersen, Hust. Ingrid

Kathrina Blomqvist, 34

Aar gl, Ulstrupbroby


Pigen Sine Nørgaard, Ul-

strup. Pigen Alice Søren-

sen, Ulstrup.

Husmd. Rasmus Larsen

Ulstrupbro, Tjenestekarl Peder

Pedersen, ibd. og Tjenestekarl

Jens Peter Sørensen, Ulstrup


Hustruens Navn

rettet af Sognepræsten

if. fremlagt Vielses-


Britta Hansen
26 Mar 2019 - 08:48:50
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen
Megan Hayes -Pedersen
26 Mar 2019 - 13:09:12
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Thanks Britta for that information so it looks like my G Grandfather had a younger brother is that right?

 Thanks Megan

Megan Hayes -Pedersen
27 Mar 2019 - 10:17:04
Svar: Peder Andreas Pedersen

Hello Britta or anyone,could you please help me with finding Christian Marinus Pedersen Blomquists born 30/5/86)


Ingid Antoinette 22/1/1914

Anna Margrethe 25/3/1917

Aase Ruth 7/1/1921

if someone could help please with information on them and also any of their children that would be alive today, so I could possibly get more information from them regarding my GGrandfather Peder Andreas Pedersen as he and Christian have the same mother Ingrid Blomqvist.

I can see Antoinette’s marriage to Aage Boesen and census of the family until 1930, but I cannot find anything further.

I would appreciate help thanks Megan Hayes (Pedersen)