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Tom Gleason
24 Aug 2022 - 16:52
Confirmation Translation Assistance

Hello. I would appreciate assistance in transcribing this Confirmation entry for  item #10. Thank you very much!

Britta Hansen
24 Aug 2022 - 19:34:05
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

Please link to the record found.

Kirsten Hansdatter - Hans Hansen i .....

Tom Gleason
24 Aug 2022 - 19:45:22
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

Here is the link:


Right hand side 1815.

Thank you.

Britta Hansen
24 Aug 2022 - 20:44:01
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

I believe it is Hans Hansen i Nøddeboe

This family?

Hans Hansen - Folketælling 1801 - Frederiksborg, Holbo, Nødebo (danishfamilysearch.dk)

Her baptism in Nødebo Parish left hand side - on 17 Novb 1799   .................

Tom Gleason
24 Aug 2022 - 20:51:17
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

I was hoping it was however according to a later census Kirsten Hansen was born in 1798 in Esbønderup. I have searched the church records but only found a Kirstine (not Kirsten) Hansdatter born there in 1798.

Thank you for your kindness in doing this. It is so appreciated. I will keep searching the records!!

Britta Hansen
24 Aug 2022 - 21:08:15
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

Nødebo and Esbønderup parishes were connected Nødebo Sogn - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

The name Kirsten might be = Kirstine = Christine.

Did she marry? 

In which census did you find her?

Tom Gleason
24 Aug 2022 - 21:20:59
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

Yes, she married Truels (Thruels) Jensen. They lived in Asminderød.

In 1834 she is listed as being born in 1792. (Hansdatter)

In 1840 she is listed as being born in 1796. (Hansdatter)

In 1845 she is listed as being born in 1792. That is where I found her birthplace as Esbønderup. (Hansen)

I searched the church records for her birth from 1790 up to 1799 and only saw that one. I am now not sure where I got the 1798 birth idea but I found that one Kirstine. I also went through he confirmations to see is I could get a better date of birth.

Thank you!

Britta Hansen
24 Aug 2022 - 21:44:05
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

When did she marry Truels Jensen?

Their first daughter? Ane Kirstine Truelsdatter *4 Aug 1814 -  Tikøb Parish

Tom Gleason
24 Aug 2022 - 22:00:38
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

The children I have for them are:

Inger Margrethe 1825 (my 2nd great grandmother)

Birte 1829

Caroline 1832

Ane Kirstine 1835

All were born in Asminderød.

There was a Truels who left Tikøb Parish in 1817 for Asminderød with a correct age (41). Truels was born in Skåne.

Britta Hansen
25 Aug 2022 - 01:38:49
Svar: Confirmation Translation Assistance

She married Andreas Martinus Jensen 27. May 1850 - Karlebo Parish

Kirstine Hansdatter - Folketælling 1860 - Frederiksborg, Lynge-Frederiksborg, Hillerød (danishfamilysearch.dk)

This census displayes: She was born in Kolsbæk, Blistrup Parish

- - - 

Might be this Kirsten: Baptised in Blistrup 15. post Trinitatis 1792. Parents: Hans Arentsen and Maren Jacobsdatter - last record right hand side.