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Lynn Friesen
14 Jan 2022 - 23:12
Svar: Help finding Christensen ancestors


I am back working on my Christensen side.  I am trying to resolve 2 "Christen Pedersen & Inger Jensdatter" families with the same birthdates, similar children but different marriage dates - 1833 and 1839.  Your gave me the 1839 date.  2 Different distant cousins have put Christen and Inger and crossed their families and marriage dates, I think.

The wrinkle is that a Jens Christensen shows at age 10 in the 1845 Census you attached (Jens Christensen- Census 1845 - Hjørring, Børglum, Tolstrup (danishfamilysearch.com)), but does not in the 1840 census below, but does still in 1850 Jens Christensen- Census 1850 - Hjørring, Børglum, Tolstrup (danishfamilysearch.com) of what would seem to be the same family.  By 1855 he likely is working away from the home.  In 1840, it would appear that he was living with his grandparents?  Jens Christensen- Census 1840 - Hjørring, Børglum, Tolstrup (danishfamilysearch.com) because in 1845 those grandparents are the householders and Christen & Inger are in the same census tract.

The reason I headed down this trail is that the one cousin has Jens emigrating to the US and changing his surname to Cramer which is also the surname that Peder Christensen (1841) and Soren (1850)  adopted when they arrived in the US as well.

That is the long way around to asking if you can find birth or christening records for Jens that would show his parentage and perhaps that they were not married at the time?

Thank you.

Britta Hansen
15 Jan 2022 - 01:05:37
Svar: Svar: Help finding Christensen ancestors

Jens Christensen *6. October 1835 - Vester Brønderslev parish. His parents Inger Jensdatter and Christen Pedersen were not married.

His confirmation in Tolstrup parish in 1850 - moder Inger Jensdatter, udl[agt] fader Christen Pedersen; nu ægteviede[now married]

Lynn Friesen
16 Jan 2022 - 22:55:52
Svar: Svar: Help finding Christensen ancestors
Thank you so much.  Now I have to figure out how to fix the duplicates in FamilySearch.org.