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Karen Hansen
27 Dec 2021 - 23:23
Confirmation records

In the attached confirmation records some children have the remark "katekismus" [catechism] and others "lærebogen?" or "lørebogen?" [textbook?].

Does this refer to Martin Luther's Small Catechism and Pontoppidan's "Sandhed til Gudfrygtighed" ["Truth to Godliness"]?

Why do the children have different references if they were in the same confirmation class?

Or does this refer to the instruction given at home?  Some from Luther's Small Catechism and some from Pontoppidan's textbook?

Thanks for any help.


Gitte Landtved
15 Sep 2022 - 17:23:35
Svar: Confirmation records

This might help you;

katekismus — Den Danske Ordbog (ordnet.dk)

1. Sunday after Easter 1808

Katekismus; Origin from greek meaning education - Here a textbook which breefly summarizes the Christian faiths basic contents regarding questions and answers of the Lutheran church.

"On sundays the church clerk taught the children to read the Katekism, and they had to know it by Heart"

The bottom line in the churchbook you refer to says:
"A total of 26 children - 17with the text book and 9 with katekism - They were this year very good in general" 

So 9 of them had alredy learned the text book from home.


Gitte Landtved (FB)


Karen Hansen
13 Nov 2022 - 17:50:01
Svar: Confirmation records
Tak Gitte.