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Carl Preisler
6 Okt 2021 - 14:22
Export & Sharing


I've been using DanishFamilySearch and the Family Database for a few months now and really enjoy being able to research so many of my ancestors, and save the results for easy reference. I have a few questions though...

1. Does the Family Database setting "Familiedatabasen kan ses af alle (kun læseadgang)" work?  I have many times checked this option and clicked Save, but the setting never remains checked. So, I'm wondering if there is a problem with saving this setting?  Ideally, I would like my cousin (and others site members) to be able to see the records I have saved to my family database.  Is this possible?

2. I've seen a few past posts regarding the ability to Export data from the Family Database.  According to some of last year's posts it was planned that this would be made available soon.  Is there any progress on this?  Even the options to Export to CSV would be a huge benefit, enabling us to backup the records and sources we have collated.


Many thanks & tusind tak!


Jan Gyngell
5 Dec 2021 - 10:31:11
Svar: Export & Sharing
Hi Carl, Ive just joined and trying to read in Danish is interesting. Ive found a few things about my ancestors.
Carl Preisler
5 Dec 2021 - 14:24:18
Svar: Export & Sharing

Hi Jan,

Glad you are enjoying it. Fortunately, I learnt to speak and read Danish reasonably well in my teens. It's so interesting all the little things that we learn about our ancestors from reading census records and others.  Best of luck with your searches.