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David Larsen
14 Sep 2020 - 15:05
Translation help



Could someone please translate for me the relationship of 'Jens Larsen' and 'Marie Madsen' on this census record?  

Thank you.

Britta Hansen
15 Sep 2020 - 12:42:12
Svar: Translation help

Jens Larsen, 8 years old - Søstersøn=nevø (sister's son = nephew)

I don't see a Marie Madsen

In the same household there is a Marie Nielsen, 9 years old - Søsterdatter = niece (sister's daughter = niece)

Census 1860 Helsinge

David Larsen
15 Sep 2020 - 14:38:20
Svar: Translation help
With your help I can see it now.  So simple.  Thank you for clearing that up for me.