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Jim Wright
25 Aug 2020 - 06:38
Looking for Some Bjorn Connections.....
I am married to Kerry Bjorn, 1st Generation Danish Canadian . She has one brother besides her , Chris who was born in Canada. Her Brothers and sisters who grew up in Denmark were Gerda, Arnie, Tina and Eric.

We are looking for any info on the Bjorn or Leth Family.

Here father was Alfred Bjorn , born Sept 27th 1924  and as far as I know he was from Springstrup but not sure. He married Ruth Anderson Leth. She as born in Dec. 27th, 1928

If you have any info on this family we are trying to put together a family tree 
Britta Hansen
25 Aug 2020 - 16:31:26
Svar: Looking for Some Bjorn Connections.....

Marriage Hvam, Rinds, Viborg  #3 He was born in Hvam; the bride was born i Skringstrup. Hvam 1924 - Skringstrup, Skals, Rind, Viborg

His father Anders Kristian Bjørn died on Oct 15, 1960 at the hospital in Viborg Søndre Parish

A Bjørn daughter - we don't mention names and other details about people younger than 110 years old, unless we know that they have passed more than 10 years ago.

The Bjørn-family in Census 1930 Hvam, Rinds, Viborg. Click the tab 'Original source' to details (d.o.b.)  about the parents and the children

Some Bjørn children:




The Andersen Leth family in the 1930 Census, Skals, Rind, Viborg