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Brita Hansen
2 Aug 2020 - 07:20
Help finding my grandfather

Can somebody perhaps help me tracing the missing parts of my grandfather's history?

His name was Carl Martinus Hansen, born 9 September 1875 in Attrup, Rosmus, Randers, and baptised 21 September 1875 in Veijberg, Sonder Dyrs, Randers.

His father was Martinus Hansen (Just) and his mother was Caroline (sometimes Karoline) Pedersen. They were not married when Carl was born. They married in 10 June 1876 in Rosmus, Randers.

I have found the Census records for Martinus and Caroline for 1880, 1890, 1901 etc. While by 1901 they have six children listed, Carl does not appear in any of the Census records with them. However, the 1901 Census asks: How many living children = 7, and how many children have died = 0 (I assume the 7th child is Carl). I am assuming that his parents were not able to look after him as they were not married (why did they not bring him home when they married?). I have looked to see if he was left with either grandparents, but he was not.

I have not been able to find any trace of Carl in the Census records until 1906, when he is married to Marie Elise Petra Hansen and living in Grena (sorry … English keyboard!), Djurs Norre, Randers.  In 1911, and living in Morke , Oster, Lisbjerg, Randers. I know that sometime after that he goes to Estonia, where my father was born. In 1930 he is living in Copenhagen, and he is still there in 1940. He passed away in 1943.

I would very much like to find out what happened to him after he was baptised. I have searched all the Census information for Randers on this site … hundreds of records!!!!! and the Danish Democratic Database without success. I don't know enough about the fostering or adoption system in Denmark at that time to know where he might have gone, or where else to look for him.

By the way … I was born in Denmark, but moved to Australia when I was five. We spoke Danish at home. My mother wrote to me in Danish when I moved to Tasmania, so I can read Danish, but I cannot write in Danish. So if it is easier for whoever is kind enough to help me in my search to write in Danish, please do … I will be able to understand you!

Brita Hansen

Henry Ammitzbøll
3 Aug 2020 - 15:26:08
Svar: Help finding my grandfather

En søgning i Danish Family Search i Randers amt på navnet Karl Martinus Hansen viste ham her.


Han står med nogle andre forældre, men er født i Attrup Rosmus sogn, Randers amt - i 1875

Jeg har kigget efter hans konfirmation i Rolsø i 1889-90, men finder ham ikke der.

Venlig hilsen Henry Ammitzbøll

Britta Hansen
3 Aug 2020 - 16:45:29
Svar: Help finding my grandfather


His confirmation is found in Albøge, Djurs Sønder, Randers in 1889

We might follow him in the Military Levying Rolls. I'll have a closer look into these records.

Kind regards

Britta Hansen

Britta Hansen
3 Aug 2020 - 19:19:04
Svar: Help finding my grandfather

Carl Martinus Hansen and Marie Elisa Petra were married in Finland 16.9.1900 -  look at the baptism record in Mørke: son Helge Ingvard

Marie Elise Petra Hansen *29.5.1881 left Copenhagen in 1899 and went to Russia.

Brita Hansen
4 Aug 2020 - 07:56:58
Svar: Help finding my grandfather

Oh my God!!! I cannot believe the amazing responses I have received! I am so grateful and excited. My father passed away in 1968, so I knew almost nothing about him from his own conversation, and I am surprised at how little my mother knew (I had always been told his name was Cart Johannes Hansen, so it took me a long time to find anything at all). My mother passed away 10 years ago, but she suffered from Alzheimers, so I could not get much information from her either (it didn't help that I had moved to Tasmania and she lived in Queensland).

I will check into the information on Karl Martinus Hansen … unfortunately, there is a Karl Martinus Hansen listed in the same Church Book records only a few months later … so it may refer to him. I have found that most of the Family Trees in the My Heritage site are wrong because of the confusion of the two similar names born in the same place in the same year (really annoying because they have a lot of information on the parent's heritage … but the wrong parents! I thought I may have suddenly gained some cousins).

I did not know Carl and Marie went to Finland … no wonder I couldn't find any record of their marriage! It is definitely the right family … Carl and Marie had two sons (Helge, I have found his records) and (Rolf, my father, the only one not born in Denmark), and a daughter (Irma … Irma had a twin brother who was stillborn, I have found their records).

I have found the 1906, 1911, and 1940 Census for Carl, and Rolf is living with him (Marie is not, but I know she passed away before Rolf met my mother in 1942). In that Census, Rolf states that he was in Germany in the 1930 Census, so I'm not sure when he arrived in Denmark. Rolf was a policeman in Copenhagen during WWII, and for a while later.

I had found the police registration form for Maria, so I knew she went to Russia. Interestingly, my mother was born in Russia (her great grandfather was from Denmark). I have a lot of information on her Danish background (most went back to Denmark for brief periods to stay with relatives, so they turn up in the Danish Census records), but nothing on the Russian families they married into. I am hiring a Russian genealogist to help me there, and he may be able to help me with Marie's history in Russia.

Again … thank you so much for this information. Hopefully I can now start looking for more information now that I have these new bits to help me … there is so much I don't know about my parents and grandparents.

Brita Hansen