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Moni Ulek
24 Jun 2020 - 13:13
Niels Olsen Ferslev, Frederiksborg
Hi there from Australia!

I am searching for our G.G.Grandfather Niels Olsen born 1st May 1860 in Ferslev, Frederiksborg. We do not know much about our G.G. Grandparents before they immigrated to Australia and would love to discover their Danish upbringing.

Could someone please kindly help us to transcribe Niels Olsen birth record:

-Frederiksborg / Horns / Ferslev parish / Churchbooks / Churchbook 1852 - 1862 Ferslev, Ny udgave / Page No. 24 / no 6 Niels Olsen

located at https://www.danishfamilysearch.com/sogn252/churchbook/source141099/opslag15620921

Interested in any information about parents, siblings, where they lived in Ferslev etc

I have also found his marriage certificate with Kirsten Jensen born Larsen in 1882

Could someone please kindly help us to transcribe their marriage certificate in the Church book:

Frederiksborg / Horns / Skibby parish / Churchbooks / Churchbook 1865 - 1882 Skibby, Ny udgave / Page No. 117 - 1882 no 1 Nils Olsen & Kirsten Jensen born Larsen


Interested in

-Nils - does it list an occupation and where he lived after his age 21? Kyndby?

-Laura's details - can't decipher much here apart from her name, dob and age

-Marriage witnesses - is it watchmaker Eric Carl Bromberg from Kyndby and ??? Lars Hansen of ???

Thank you for your help. We are very grateful to have such a platform for our research.


Britta Hansen
24 Jun 2020 - 19:11:56
Svar: Niels Olsen Ferslev, Frederiksborg