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Manuela Eringaard
19 Jun 2020 - 13:20
Family name Eringaard
Dear all, I hope I can find some answers here since my last name is quite a mystery to me. I assume it is from Denmark since it ends with 'gaard' I however am stuck, maybe the name is changed overtime ? I live in The Netherlands where there is a small population of 'Eringaard' but no one seems to know the origin. Can anyone help me with this or does anyone know an 'Eringaard' in Denmark ? thank you for your time : )
Britta Hansen
20 Jun 2020 - 00:25:00
Svar: Family name Eringaard

Gård [farm] is used in Sweden, too.

There was a farm in Sweden called Eringgård - situated in Orsa Parish, Mora and Orsa District, Kopparberg Län[County] today it is called Dalarnas Län

Found via this site ORTNAMNSREGISTRET © Institutet för språk och folkminnen

Did you find any Swedish or Danish ancestors of yours? On https://www.openarch.nl/ there are lots of Eringaard-persons. Are you able to find any born in DK or SE - ex. a search in a census with the place of birth outside the Netherlands.

Kind regards,

Britta Hansen