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Bill Wheeler
21 Jan 2020 - 05:18
Hello, can I have some help with a translation please. Looks like Gabriella was born in Philadelphia USA on 15 Aug 1873. Looks like parents Peter Hansen and Marie (Mary) Andersen were not married until 25 July 1874 in Philadelphia. There is also a reference to a date 25 June 1875 - do not know what this refers to. Unfortunately I cannot decipher the handwritten text to use Google translate. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Ida Hansen
21 Jan 2020 - 13:20:44
Svar: https://www.danishfamilysearch.com/sogn605/churchbook/source140538/opslag15516033

You are right about Gabrielle.

Parents were married in Philadelphia 25 July 1874 in the Lutheran church.

About the date 27 June 1875: Regarding to a sons birth and baptism here in the state 27 june 1875


Bill Wheeler
22 Jan 2020 - 02:49:07
Svar: https://www.danishfamilysearch.com/sogn605/churchbook/source140538/opslag15516033

Thank you Ida, that clears it up.

I had son Heinrich Adolph Hansen's date of birth, 28 April 1875. Forgot about the baptism on the 27 June.

Many thanks. Cheers.